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I am about to set your mind at ease…

If you have been trying your best to be perfect, let that shit go! Ain’t gonna happen…There is no such thing.

In fact,  just give up on that idea right now, whatever your age. I, like many of you, have spent my life trying to be perfect. I tried to be the best daughter, the best wife, and the best mom. In this search for perfection, I have often neglected the key component of the equation – ME! And I’m not talking about finding “me-time”…I’m talking about making ME the priority in my life, not the one whose wishes, dreams and plans are number 11, 12, or 13 on the to-do list. We’ve been conditioned to believe that putting ourselves first is SELFISH and we have to SACRIFICE for everyone else. Unfortunately, we sometimes use that as an excuse. To be honest, I think I’ve been hiding behind that excuse for years. 

DISCLOSURE: My life is blessed. I am not a young mom. My children are young adults and don’t need me to be the driver, wiper of noses, cleaner, homework supervisor, or any of the other million jobs that mothers do daily. My husband is amazing – he cooks every day and thinks he’s MacGyver. I have a wonderful support system of friends and family. I now work from home after giving up a teaching job after 28 years, so I answer to myself in terms of job responsibilities. I have chosen and created the life I am living now.

BUT my life is not perfect. I am not the person I would like to be in so many ways, mostly because I haven’t always shown up for myself. And it’s mostly because after doing everything I thought I was supposed to do, I’ve been tired, unmotivated, undisciplined and sometimes just plain lazy. As a master juggler of the lives of those around me, the only balls I’ve allowed myself to drop are mine. I am now 54, overweight, unhealthy, and only certain that I want to make this next year the one in which I level up my life and start making the changes I’ve been dreaming of for so long.

So I’m inviting you on this journey with me – to make the person you look at in the mirror each day a priority. 
I’m certainly not advocating dropping our responsibilities. I love my family and enjoy doing things for them, running a home, etc. I’ll be sharing my experience and lessons of my journey navigating this life and hope that my experience will help you navigate yours with a little more ease. I will be posting about how I plan to make this year my best ever – my weight-loss journey, finances, household hacks, time management, etc.

Please join me.

Lotsa love






Ronalda Lucas
July 24, 2020 at 5:47 pm

Well done, cant wait to read some more… exciting times ahead. I’ll be joining you on this new journey, discovery of ME.

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